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Places to Visit and Attractions in Kuala Perlis, Malaysia

Often ignored in favour of a famous “neighbour” (Langkawi Island – about an hour’s ferry ride away), the small port town of Kuala Perlis can be a good destination for tourists seeking a more off-the-beaten-path idyllic destination. Recently, the local council has jazzed up its local attractions so that they are more instagrammable. Here, we list several places to visit and attractions in Kuala Perlis, Malaysia. 

A short Kuala Perlis trip from Langkawi can be easily done in a day. We took a ferry ride from Kuah Jetty in Langkawi and arrived in Kuala Perlis Jetty in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We bought the ferry tickets directly from a booth in Kuah Jetty. To get around Kuala Perlis, one can use the super-app Grab (Southeast Asia’s Uber) for ride-hailing purposes which is widely used in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. We did not stay for the night in Kuala Perlis due to lack of hotels – the Putra Brasmana Hotel or Zuley Heritage Hotel which are strategically placed near the jetty might be decent choices for tourists (be aware though, their reviews are not exactly stellar). 

kuala perlis
Ferry ticket booth @ Kuah Jetty, Langkawi
Kuah Jetty

1. Kuala Perlis Square (Dataran Kuala Perlis)

About a few hundred metres south of the Kuala Perlis ferry terminal lies the Kuala Perlis Square (Dataran Kuala Perlis). The square is a popular recreational spot for locals (especially children) as sunset views from square are quite stunning.

kuala Perlis
Dataran Kuala Perlis
kuala perlis
Amazing sunset view @ Dataran Kuala Perlis. Background structure is the Ocean Glow banquet hall.
Kuala Perlis
Kuala Perlis sign @ Dataran Kuala Perlis - night time
Kuala Perlis
Night time @ Dataran Kuala Perlis

2. Foodcourt @ Medan Selera Jeti Kuala Perlis

Visitors to Kuala Perlis should try the local cuisine, especially its famous Ikan Bakar (burnt or grilled fish) dish which is cooked with a local hot sauce. Such dish could be had at the foodcourt (Medan Selera Jeti) located beside the Kuala Perlis ferry terminal and opposite Putra Brasmana Hotel

ikan bakar
Ikan bakar @ Medan Selera Jeti Kuala Perlis

3. Tuanku Syed Putra Bridge (Jambatan Tuanku Syed Putra)

Located about 1 km east of the ferry terminal, this pedestrian bridge recently had a facelift (in year 2021). The multi-coloured bridge is now a favourite among the locals due to its instagrammable facade and superb views of the surrounding fishing village along Perlis river. There are also many colourful traditional Malay houses next to the bridge. 

Jambatan tuanku syed putra
Brightly-painted bridge
Jambatan Tuanku Syed Putra
View of a fishing village from the Tuanku Syed Putra Bridge
jambatan tuanku syed putra
Colourful traditional Malay houses next to the Tuanku Syed Putra Bridge

4. Kampung Tengah

Located on the opposite side of Perlis river (across the Tuanku Syed Putra Bridge), lies Kampung Tengah, (name literally translated as “middle village”) and Kampung Seberang Alor. Similar to the bridge, the area had been jazzed up recently and now features colourful houses, murals and ornate decorations.

Colourful houses @ Kampung Tengah
kampung tengah
Umbrella art Installation @ Kampung Tengah
kuala perlis
Mural @ Kampung Tengah

5. Paddy Fields

Kuala Perlis is surrounded by expansive paddy fields because the state of Perlis’ predominant economic activity is rice farming. There are plenty of limestone mountains which rise from paddy fields in the state of Perlis. Simply take a short Grab ride from Kuala Perlis (to anywhere) and you will be quickly rewarded with views of green paddy fields. 

kuala perlis
Paddy fields in Kuala Perlis
kuala perlis
Paddy fields in Kuala Perlis

6. Rainbow House

There is a frequently photographed Rainbow House which is located right in the middle of a paddy field near the Tuanku Syed Putra bridge. Its claim to fame was that a local Malaysian film was shot here about 10 years ago. The location of the house can be found from this site

kuala perlis
The instagrammable "Rainbow House"
Rainbow House in Perlis

7. Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis ("Floating" Mosque)

The “floating” mosque was constructed based on the donation of a businessman and is located near the ferry terminal. The combination of high/low tides renders the “floating” appearance of the mosque. Its walls were not painted and were constructed using corals, quartz, granite and pebbles.

masjid al hussain
Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis ("Floating" Mosque)
Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis ("Floating" Mosque)

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